How to Make Weight Loss Fun?!

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February 21, 2019

The success of your weight loss plan depends on your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise routine; and keeping it fun makes it that much more fulfilling! If you are in the process of deciding what your ideal workout will look like, it’s never too early to plan. Whether you enjoy a brisk morning jog, a quick walk around the neighborhood or maybe even a calming swim in the pool, there are so many different and exciting ways to get fit!

Maximize Performance to Minimize Injury

Never underestimate the power of the warm-up. It is easy to overlook this small but essential step, especially when you’re feeling inspired to jump right into your fitness routine. By gradually preparing your body for aerobic activity, a warm-up increases blood flow to your muscles and gets your cardiovascular system ready to support your workout. It may also help reduce your risk of injury and lessen muscle soreness after your workout. Here are three simple examples of warm-ups from the Mayo Clinic to try prior to your next physical activity:

  • To warm up for a brisk walk, walk slowly for 5-10 minutes.
    ● To warm up for a run, walk briskly for 5- 10 minutes.
    ● To warm up for swimming, swim slowly at first and then pick up the tempo as you go.

Similarly, a cool-down is suggested to allow for a gradual recovery of heart rate and blood pressure directly following your exercise routine. Even a walk on your way to or from the gym can serve as a warm-up and/or cool-down. By incorporating these simple strategies, you can help ensure that you get the most out of every workout to maximize outcomes toward your weight loss goals.

Socialize to Support Weight Loss

At first glance, a social gathering, whether business or casual, may be a bit intimidating when you imagine the kind of foods that will be available there. But sticking to your healthy diet while socializing with friends or family is actually easier than you may think. Almost every party has some healthy foods, like lean roasted meats, shrimp cocktail (without sauce), raw veggies and leafy greens. Keep an eye out for these and similar healthy options at your next event.

And when it comes to avoiding sugary drinks, Medifast Flavor Infusers™ are the perfect, portable way to turn plain water into a refreshing beverage! Other options include calorie-free soda, sparkling water or sugar-free iced tea.

If you’d rather avoid an event altogether, think again: Research suggests that socializing with family and friends may help you lose weight. You can always bring your own food to a pot-luck or family party, and who knows, you might inspire someone else to start living healthier!

Challenge Yourself to a Competition

Team sports and marathons are great activities to add some fun to your current workout or to serve as incentives as you reach your goal weight.

Remember, you never have to sacrifice enjoyment to live healthier. Medifast encourages you to always celebrate your smart choices and have fun!