RECIPE: Lemon Meringue Bites

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December 6, 2018
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December 13, 2018

Lemon Meringue Bites

2 Servings

Per Servings: 1 Medifast Meal, ½ Leaner, ½ Optional Snack


2 Medifast Lemon Meringue Bars

1 ½ cups low-fat, plain Greek yogurt

1 box sugar free lemon gelatin


  1. Line the muffin tin with six cupcake liners. Break each Lemon Meringue Bar into thirds. Microwave for 10-15 seconds. Press each bar piece into six cupcake liners to form a thin crust.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, mix together the yogurt and gelatin powder. Microwave on high for two minutes, stirring after each minute. Pour ¼ cup of the yogurt mixture on top of each crust.
  3. Allow to chill for at least one-hour. Garnish with lime zest if desired.