Time to Take Your Meal Outside

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November 22, 2018
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November 28, 2018

FALL has arrived, the temperature is now bearable to make eating outdoors an option. The fresh air combined with a healthy, well-balanced meal can add pleasure to any day.  You just need a little planning to have a successful eating experience outdoors during these fall months.

First, you will want to choose a location, such as a local park, the lakes, or your own backyard. Plan ahead and bring towels, blankets or lawn chairs depending on your destination.

When planning the food, keep the above tips in mind. Eating finger foods may be easier on a blanket versus trying to eat a full meal complete with a fork and knife. You’ll want to keep your cold foods cold, so store them in a cooler and out of the sun.

Try some of these foods at your next picnic:

  1. Cut up celery, zucchini and asparagus sticks. Place a low-fat greek yogurt dip in the bottom of small plastic cups and stack the veggie sticks in the cup. This portable, single serving food is lower in carbohydrates and portion controlled.
  2. Choose individualized and convenient Medifast popcorn packets that are easy to throw in a bag or picnic basket. These fun snacks are a delicious and low-calorie addition to any picnic.
  3. When dining outside, fill a few pitchers with water or seltzer water and add mint or cucumber for a light and refreshing drink. You can enjoy the infused water out of fancy plastic glasses to add an extra flare to your picnic.
  4. Kabobs are easy to make by cutting up your favorite veggies and placing them on a skewer. Grill them up ahead of time with your favorite marinade and serve them hot or cold at your picnic for a versatile option.
  5. Cut up an assortment of low-fat cheeses, like low-fat cheddar or gouda. Keep portion sizes in check to 1-ounce portions or 3 dice. Pair the cheese with Medifast Crackers for an extra crunch.

When planning an outdoor picnic don’t forget to focus on those outdoor activities. Bring cornhole, bubbles, a kickball, volleyball or frisbee. These are games that everyone of all ages can enjoy! Have fun at your next picnic and let me know how it goes!